Green= STOP! Please don't pick me! I need more time to grow and ripen!   

Red= Go! Pick me! I'm ready to eat!   


Apple picking begins around the middle of August each year and goes until the end of October.

We're passionate about apples and apple products. In addition to fresh picked apples we have: fresh apple cider, caramel apples, candy apples, apple butter and apple crisp.

In addition to apple products, we also sell squash (butternut, acorn and sunshine), gourds, pre-picked pumpkins and bartlett pears from our pear trees.  

**Please visit our Facebook page during harvest on current varieties we're picking**

During harvest we allow each variety to properly size and ripen before we start picking. A great tool that will help you during your visit to the farm is taking a peek at the color of the wooden apple at the end of each row. 

Red= GO! Typically when an apple is ripe and ready to eat it's red. Go ahead and pick in a row that has a red wooden apple.  

Green= STOP! This means the apple is still growing/sizing up and too green (not ripe) to pick. Please do NOT pick in a row marked with a green wooden apple.​​

​Yes, it's opposite to traffic lights but it's helpful to remember. Typically, what color is an apple when it's ready to be harvested? RED!​​