Green= STOP! Please don't pick me! I need more time to grow and ripen!   

Red= Go! Pick me! I'm RED, ripe & ready to eat!   


We are open 7 days a week from August 25th- October 28, 2018

In addition to pick-your-own apples we offer pre-picked apples, fresh pressed apple cider made with 100% apples- nothing added, from scratch caramel & candy apples, apple butter and apple crisp.

**Please visit our Facebook page during harvest on current varieties we're picking as harvest dates change each year**

During harvest we allow each variety to properly size and ripen before we start picking. A great tool that will help you during your visit to the farm is taking a peek at the color of the wooden apple at the end of each row. 

Red= GO! Typically when an apple is ripe and ready to eat it's red. Go ahead and pick in a row that has a red wooden apple.  

Green= STOP! This means the apple is still growing/sizing up and too green (not ripe) to pick. Please do NOT pick in a row marked with a green wooden apple.​​

​Yes, it's opposite to traffic lights but it's helpful to remember. Typically, what color is an apple when it's ready to be harvested? RED!​​​​