Our Story

Wynn Farms Apple Orchard was planted close to 30 years ago by Jim’s Grandfather & Parents as a Pick–Your-Own Apple Orchard. All of the apples grown in the orchard are enjoyed locally.


Jim & Sarah Wynn along with their 2 young children have taken over the care and responsibility of the orchard. Jim grew up and worked on the farm until he finished studying Mechanical Engineering. Since graduation, there has always been a side of him that missed farming. Although he still works as an Engineer, he’s thrilled to be back and apart of agriculture.  


For Sarah, never in her wildest dream did she ever think she would be involved in farming. Sarah graduated as a Registered Nurse and is typically used to caring for people, not trees. If she knew 11 years ago when she met Jim that she would be caring for apple trees, she likely would have run the other way…and fast! It’s a great thing she didn’t know what future had in store, because not only does she like it, she LOVES it.


Jim and Sarah Wynn thoroughly enjoy working together and include their children whenever possible. In 2013 they expanded to add a Corn Maze for customers to enjoy. They'll keep you posted, they're not done expanding yet.


The Wynn Family